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Herm Sprenger Neck Tech with Clic Lock tines are designed to imitate the shape of dog's teeth, creating a "natural influence" over the dog. Proper fit is achieved by adding or removing links. Just snap them in or out.
Curogan is a copper tin alloy with a high copper portion and some additives to make the material strong, but without any nickel. Curogan will avoid discoloration of light colored coats on most dogs. Also, the fact that Curogan is absolutely free of nickel will benefit sensitive dogs that show allergic reactions to nickel.
Available in 19 inch and 24 inch.

Key advantages of such a buckle are:
- guaranteed tensile strength 440lb (200 kg); 
- the chances of unintended release are almost nil; 
- it has high quality plastic components UV and is saltwater-proof
-Rust resistant 

Neck tec (Curagon) *Non Allergenic*

SKU: 103944
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